Fargo finally gets the iPhone

February 11, 2011

iPhone on VerizonThe iPhone has always been a bit of an enigma here, because of AT&T’s horrible coverage. So we bided our time, and now we’re finally rewarded for our super-human patience thanks to Verizon.

Now that the iPhone is available on Verizon, people in Fargo and the surrounding area are buying iPhones in droves, according to Yahoo. It’s not just Fargo, either. Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota are all affected by poor AT&T coverage. AT&T has mentioned several times that they are going to be providing coverage to this area of the US in the coming years.

Still, it looks like people were tired of waiting.

Because of the lack of AT&T coverage, many people in the area are happy Android or BlackBerry customers, and many people have no plans to change their phone just because they can get an iPhone now. Still, those who crave the seamlessness of an all-Apple existence will almost certainly be transitioning to the Verizon iPhone sooner than later.

What do you use? Are you planning on getting an iPhone?

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