Tweeting Yourself to Success as an Entrepreneur

November 18, 2011

The world has become an increasingly social networked place where everyone from ordinary citizens and start up’s to internationally known leaders and celebrities are “tweeting” their latest updates. We’re talking about Twitter, the wildly popular social media powerhouse that just celebrated its 5th birthday.

As of this article, Twitter boasts over 200 million members, with just over half actively sharing in any given month. This means there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to utilize Twitter as a central point of contact with millions of loyal followers—to become more successful and to establish themselves as thought-leaders.

While Twitter is a fun obsession for some, the most serious entrepreneurs are using this platform to build strategic networks and reach more customers. The beauty of using Twitter for these purposes is that it’s easy to access on many digital devices, and it’s easy to manage as a whole. The best part is that using Twitter is still completely free. This does not take away from its value to entrepreneurs however. In fact, Twitter is growing to be a major tool in any entrepreneur’s marketing program. Want to learn some tricks from successful entrepreneurs? Read on then…

Online networking isn’t just about sales. Too many first time users of Twitter think that this social network is just about putting a few interesting promotional posts out there a week, and hoping for the best. This is so not the best way to utilize Twitter. Instead of using this to send out short sales pitches, which will only end up annoying others, use Twitter to promote your unique brand as an entrepreneur. Take the time to create meaningful posts that link back to interesting articles and pages on your blog, websites, and other online resources. This gives readers more to look forward to and it gets the message out about what you bring to the world.

Getting to know your networks better. There are many Twitter users who don’t even take the time to get to know the people who follow them online. This is missing a great opportunity, because behind every profile is a person who is worth knowing. In addition to setting up an automatic response to thank new followers, best practices on Twitter as a successful entrepreneur are to dig a lot deeper. Take the time to reach out to at least ten followers each month with a personal message asking how you can collaborate or serve them. Offer a free resource such as a report or eBook to establish yourself as the go-to person in your industry. Embrace social media for its full potential.

Engaging your audience of followers. Ever notice that the most successful Twitter pages are those where plenty of engagement is going on? That’s because Twitter is the place for sharing of information, ideas, feedback and more for millions of mind-leaders. From the latest celebrity gossip to market trends, you will find it all on Twitter. Take the time to share your ideas in snippets and invite those who are interested in learn more. Stimulate engaging conversations by using hash tags (#) and using specific keywords for your brand. You’ll grow in influence and be able to share so much more with the world as a true entrepreneur this way.

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