Seven Questions to Help Small Business Live Large

April 5, 2012

With a slowly growing national economy, a continuing concern of global recession, a lack of true consumer confidence and record high gas price; what is a small business to do with the challenges of 2012 even in the healthier North Dakota state economy?

The answer that separates the best from the rest is what is has always been, by taking care of your employees and having the best customer service in your industry your organization not only survives but thrives regardless of economic conditions. The best restaurants always have the best service. The best retail stores have the most friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. You can get a great burger in a number of restaurants in Bismarck or Fargo, but how they serve it is incredibly important.  A friendly smile and memorable experience are often better than the salad and fries.

It is truly that simple. Great service separates businesses in two major categories. Those businesses that get it and those businesses that do not. Do the following informal survey to get a handle on your future. This audit will help both the employee and the customer. Watching how people interact with each other will provide a voluminous amount of information.

  • Are your employees listening and communicating with each other?
  • Are they empowered to truly serve and are they committed to giving a unique experience?
  • Is the collective attitude of the staff a positive one?
  • Are problems, both large and small, converted to learning opportunities?
  • How are customers engaged?
  • Do owner and manager meet every customer who comes into the business?
  • How many of your customers are come back?

The small businesses in North Dakota and Montana achieve large rewards when they place the customer and the front-line together. We want you to be on a mission to continuously win friends and influence people in a positive way. Every business can be large in reputation by focusing on just the little things.

Small business achieves large rewards when they put people first. Through Dale Carnegie strategy, it can happen.

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